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What Just Happened: NXT

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by David Joaqui

It’s happening! The call up we’ve all been waiting for is finally happening. I know what you’re thinking. No, it’s not Johnny Gargano. No, it’s not Matt Riddle. And no it’s not Breezango, again. This time it’s everyone. You’ve heard that right, NXT is being called up to the big leagues. 

It was announced that starting on September 18th NXT will be moving to the USA Network with a two-hour live show. Yes, I said it, LIVE. Don’t fret WWE Network subscribers, as the episodes will be available the following day on the network. 

There’s still a lot more news to come from the move. Like will NXT still have their own PPV’s or will they join the Raw/Smackdown PPV’s and become one major conglomerate? How about this “wildcard rule,” which is ridiculous in my eyes. Will it involve NXT superstars showing up on Raw or Smackdown? Or vice-versa, will a Raw or Smackdown superstar show up to NXT?

However, the most shocking revelation about the move is the particular date that NXT will be airing, Wednesday nights. This move puts NXT right up against their newest rival, AEW, creating what some are calling the Wednesday Night War. 

Nick Jackson from the Young Bucks was the first to tweet out “We aren’t scared,” in response to the Wrestling Observer tweeting the news. 

Not sure if it’s them being cocky or not, but the Bucks and AEW should be slightly concerned about WWE’s response. It shows they aren’t taken AEW too lightly, which they shouldn’t. As well as giving them something to compete against rather than just be given the Wednesday night slot.

On the other hand, it’s hard to read how WWE feels about the competition. Did they move NXT to the USA Network because they are concerned? Or did they place NXT in that spot to show AEW that their “developmental” league is better than their main brand and could never hold up against WWE’s (Raw and Smackdown). 

Either way, this move was huge. Especially for the NXT superstars. They now will have a bigger platform to perform on-and shine. They are no longer relegated to trying to make it to the main roster, because they’ve become part of it all together. My only concern is will Triple H still have the reigns of NXT with the call up? If he does, I’m all for it and AEW shouldn’t be the only ones concerned, Raw and Smackdown should be too. If he doesn’t and it goes to Vince McMahon, then there’s some room for concern. Lots of concern.

NXT does have a few weeks to prepare itself for the big bad AEW, airing on October 2nd on TNT, but this is a win for wrestling fans everywhere. There’s no better time to be a wrestling fan than now, and yes that also includes you Attitude Era. 

The question now is, what side will you be standing on during these Wednesday Night Wars?